So today we have another rest day, why is well earned with the two long days we just had. Tatopani is a really nice little town, really lush with loads of fruit trees and shrubs and stuff. There’s also a natural hot spring down near the river.

We had a little lie in and then went for breakfast in the restaurant, which was good, I had some sea buckthorn juice, which tasted quite good, I think it’s a local plant they have here. After breakfast we went back to the room and chilled out for a bit, and then headed down to the hot spring to soak my weary legs!

It was bigger than I expected, they had got a pipe running from the spring and had filled up two big stone pools, we paid our 100 rupees and got in, it was really hot and nice, and we stayed in there quite a while, it was just what the doctor ordered for my legs, and after they felt much better.

After an hour or so we’d had enough and headed back up to our lodge. Once we were changed and stuff we decided to go out and get some bread and cheese for lunch to try and save a bit of money. There are some really nice shops here and I bought some more gifts for people and then we found some yaks cheese and got a loaf of bread from a little bakery. We also stocked up a bit on some snacks and I also got a few beers for later on, because they were half the price they were in the lodge.

We had a nice relaxed afternoon, bit of reading, bit of writing and yaks cheeses sandwiches, plus I managed to sneak in a nap to catch up on my sleep a bit. We were going to go for dinner at about 6 but I started feeling quite unwell and was sick a little while later. I didn’t feel too good afterwards so I went back to sleep and Simon went down to eat on his own. I woke up a few hours later and felt a lot better, so ate some of my snacks, including a chocolate brownie I had bought from the bakery, which turned out to be the worlds worst chocolate brownie. It didn’t really have nay flavour, and had a texture the same as the green foam people use for flower arranging!

Anyway, we still have no wifi so I couldn’t send this update, but I’m hoping we will have in our lodge in Ghorepani tomorrow night.

I still feel a bit ropey, so I’m going to hit the hay now and hopefully I’ll feel better in the morning. I think it’s probably either something I ate or maybe the water from the sink here. I added a sterilizing tablet to it as usual but I guess you never know.