Day 23: Pokhara to Kathmandu

We spent pretty much the entire morning and early afternoon on a coach today, it wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t as nice as the coach at the beginning of the month, when we were coming the other way. All in all we were glad to get back to Kathmandu, and headed to the vegetarian place simon stayed before, as our hotel last time we were in Kathmandu wasn’t all that great.

They were quite welcoming but only had one room left, which was a double, with a tiny double bed, and we agreed if we both tried to sleep on it we’d wake each other up all night, so we decided to do one night on the bed each and one night on the floor with all the blankets and pillows.

The food here is good, and cheap, and overall things in Kathmandu don’t seem that expensive. After a late lunch we went out for a walk around and stumbled across some kind of political rally, with my big crowd of people listening to a man in a suit talking through a loudspeaker, which seemed interesting at first, but quickly became a bit boring. We found the old part of the town not far from where we are staying, where all the old temples and government buildings are, and there were lots of Sadhu’s (holy men) walking around with painted faces and big long beards, but typically I had left my camera at the hotel, which was a shame.

We were pretty tired from the coach, so we strolled back to the hotel via some shops and bought some snacks and some gifts, and then just spent the rest of the day relaxing at the hotel, reading and catching up on some world affairs via BBC news now we have wifi again (although only intermittently!)