Day 24: Exploring Kathmandu

After a good nights sleep I woke up quite early feeling pretty refreshed and we went off to try and find a huge covered market that Simon had visited last time he was here, as it seemed like it would be a good ace to find the last few presents we wanted to buy, as well as maybe getting some cheap clothes for myself.

After a half hour walk, through some interesting parks, we found it, and spent a good while browsing all the stalls. Upon closer scrutiny we noticed a lot of the stalls are selling the same wares, and the quality of the goods was not the best, so in the end we didn’t buy anything. It was an interesting sight to see, it looked like a shanty town or slum from the outside, all wooden poles and blue tarps, but inside it was a proper little market.

We walked back a different way, including a stop for a nice cold drink at a little local shop, and then detoured to head back towards the old bit of town we had visited yesterday, as this time I had remembered to bring my camera and wanted to try and get some good photos. Some of the older buildings looked centuries old, with ornate carvings and very fancy woodwork and paintings. There were some huge temples too, but it was a bit quieter than the day before, and I was kicking myself I hadn’t had my camera with me then, but never mind.

For lunch we meandered back towards our hotel but ate at a hotel up the road, the wifi at our hotel was broken, as was the fridge, and to be honest the food yesterday wasn’t anything too special. The new place turned out to be great, my veg chow mein was really tasty, and not too greasy like a lot of the noodle dishes here.

After lunch we went back to the room to drop off some of our purchases and stuff, and then took some drinks up to the roof terrace of our own hotel, which was quite relaxing, with all it’s potted plants and a water feature. We had the whole garden to ourselves, so we stayed up there for a while. As the day wore on we started to get hungry again, Simon wanted to try and get some good videos of the busy streets and I wanted to explore a bit more, so we went out again, looking for a new place for dinner. We passed a few street food stalls and Remembering how goodd some of the street food had been in Thailand I decided to give it a go! and I’m glad I did. I had a really tasty veg pakora followed by the best momos I’d had anywhere in Nepal (momos are like steamed dumplings, a bit like Chinese dim sum). A lot of the ones we’d had had been on their own, and were quite dry, but these were in a kind of sauce and were amazing. We sat in the little mans back room which was so dark it was almost like a little cave, with room for about 6 people, and ate our momos.

Once we’d had enough of the street food we did a bit more shopping and then found a cool little garden restaurant to have a bit more to eat, as both of the street food items were small, a bit closer to snacks than a meal. In the end we just had veg pizzas and some chips as they were cheap and filling, and we didn’t want to have to change more money at this point.

After dinner we took a slow walk back to the hotel, buying a few last small bits and bobs to use up the last of our cash, and then it was back to the hotel to finish the bulk of my packing.