Day 21: Pokhara, day 2.

I woke up a bit later the morning, think I must have been tired! Even with a small lie in we were ready to head out by 10am, we’d both agreed to have a fairly laid back day today, so weren’t in any hurry, but Simon wanted to find somewhere to get his shorts sewn, he had torn a big hole in his trousers on the trail so had cut them off and wanted to get the legs hemmed, so that was our first port of call. We turned up away from the lake and headed away from the touristy parts and found a woman with a sewing machine who agreed to sort Simons shorts out for him. We left his shorts there and carried on in a big loop round back to the lake and found somewhere for breakfast, the bread here is super sweet, which makes for a strange cheese sandwich, but it means their chocolate croissants are pretty good!

After breakfast it was almost time for Simon to go pick his shorts up, so I went back to the hotel and he went to to collect them. He came back a bit later laughing and said the woman’s friend at the sewing place had said the woman really liked him and that she as looking for a husband! Simon chatted to her for a bit, I think he was a bit embarrassed but quite flattered. From that point on she became ‘Simons Fiancée’ and I kept referring to her all morning. Simon had seen a bike rental place on his way back from his fiancées, so after relaxing and reading in the sun for a few hours, we decide to to check it out and see how much they were to rent.

In the end we managed to rent a couple of bikes from him for a good price, but after riding for a minute or two it was clear I’d been given a dud. Simons bike was in ok shape, but my seat was torn with no padding in it, the forks and handlebars were a bit loose, the wheel bearings were making a really horrible noise and the gears kept changing by themselves, which meant I couldn’t stand up and pedal at the same time (not good on bumpy stony paths with a seat with no padding!)

We cycled off into the back streets to go explore and see some different areas. We had some tea at a little stall in the bit of town where the locals live, they looked like they didn’t see tourists too often, but were really friendly and helpful.

After cycling around a bit we headed back towards the lake, and followed its shoreline for a bit up in to the hills a little and then decided to head back before it got too late. That and I couldn’t really feel my bum by this point. When we got back I told the guy he really needed to sort the gears out and he was very apologetic.

We also realised it was now 4pm and we hadn’t earn anything since breakfast time, so we nipped back to the hotel to get cleaned up and then went to the restaurant we had the beer and chips deal before went hiking. When we cycled past earlier in the day I noticed that their specials board was a veggie lasagne, so we both ordered a veggie lasagne each as well as a beer and chips deal each. The veggie lasagne was probably the best veggie lasagne I’ve ever had, it was so tasty, much better than I would have expected in Asia!

After dinner we walked back to the hotel and relaxed on the balcony in the sun with a few beers, it was nice to have a chilled day, and my upset stomach seems to be gone today, which is a bonus. It’s been really hot today though, almost 30 degrees, and it’s still really warm now even after sunset. It was ok with the fan on, but there’s no power at the moment so the fan is off. Hopefully it won’t be too hot to sleep!