Being one of the first people to see in the new day is a pretty special feeling.

New Zealand is the first county in the world to see in each new day due to its location just to the west of the International Date Line (IDL) – an imaginary line running form the north to the south pole at roughly 180 degrees east (or west!) of the Greenwich Meridian. It stands to reason then, that if you stand at the eastern most point (East Cape, just along the coast from Hicks Bay) of the eastern most country just before dawn, you get to be the first to see in the Sunrise. I’m fully aware that the IDL its just an arbitrary human construct involving time zones, but still, being one of the first few people on earth to welcome in a new day is pretty awesome.

Sadly for us the morning heralded a leaden, overcast sky, and so our sunrise moment was spectacularly unspectacular, with the day going slowly from very dark grey to light grey over the space of an hour or so. Still, we were the first people to witness that lovely grey transition, so I guess that still counts for something.