It’s not quite as good as the other mountains at least it’s trying!

Mount Aspiring National Park is pretty nice as far as national parks go, but this one has the bad fortune to be on the same landmass as Abel Tasman, Fjordland and Milford Sound, and lets face it, that is some stiff competition.

Even so, the name seems fitting, it definitely has potential, and part of its charm is the fact that it is quieter, with far fewer tourists than its more grandiose neighbouring parks. Far fewer tourist, but an unbelievable amount of sandflies. They are everywhere!

To help deter the biblical swarms of tiny but painfully nippy little flies, we lit a fire, and the smoke seemed to keep them at bay. It also meant that Clara could introduce Pauline and I to the wonder of Stockbrot. Stockbrot (stick bread in English) is exactly as it sounds, a sticky, unleavened bread dough that you roll into long sausage shapes and then wrap around a stick, to be toasted over the fire. It is easy to make, simple to cool and absolutely delicious. For those of you who are interested you can find some recipes here.