Its not every day you get to sleep with three girls out on a beach under the stars.

Sleep as in actually sleep that is. Don’t get too carried away. Last night was our last night travelling as a foursome; Amandine and Carole are disembarking this magical mystery tour later today near Wellington, at a small blueberry farm enchantingly titled ‘Blueberry Fields Forever’.

To mark our last night together, we found a great spot at Foxtons Beach, a wide, sandy beach on the west coast north of Wellington. Our original plan was to pitch the tents on the beach, but after arriving to find glorious sunshine, and with the weather forecast looking promising for the entire evening, we decided to sleep out under the stars. The sunset was pretty spectacular, slightly impeded by some last minute clouds, but the colour of the sky was gorgeous, and made for a good backdrop for us to eat dinner. After dinner I decided to try my luck with my newly acquired fishind rod and some bait I’d bought in Foxton town. Sadly the beach was way too flat and the tide was disappearing pretty quickly, so after a little while I decided it would be more productive to have a beer.

Fishing at Foxton Beach

In the morning we were woken by horses trekking along the beach, followed closely by the less-than-idyllic sound of a local bloke and his chainsaw, cutting up some driftwood further up the beach. After our early morning petrol driven wake up call, we decided the best course of action was a nice breakfast swim in the surf.

Life is pretty good right now, and the last two weeks have been such an adventure. It will be a shame to lose the French half of our group later today, but I can’t help but feel excited about what the south Island has in store for us, and it looks like Clara has managed to find a new travel buddy to join the gang…